Meet our people

Our people are our business and we place a great deal of faith in them. In working together with Blaze Acumen, we would like to think that our senior team of Partners and staff will become an integral part of your team.

A senior team whose experience you will always have access to, be it a quick enquiry or a comprehensive body of work.
A team that will stand behind the advice it provides.


“Outcomes are created by people… the better the people, the better the outcomes.”


Importantly, your key point of contact will often be one of our Partners or Directors who will have intimate current and historical knowledge of your financial affairs, needs and goals, and will personally be guiding strategy and results.

Ultimately, we are judged on our performance and our ability to add value. Outcomes are created by people. The better the people, the better the outcomes.
Our collegiate approach to advising our clients ensures that you have access to the knowledge, skill and expertise of the entire Blaze Acumen team.





Knowing what a Board or family group wants to achieve from their efforts (be it in business or life) makes our involvement all the more strategic and focused.

That means at a business or personal level, once a strategy, direction or desired outcome is agreed, we very much see it as our role to manage and drive the process and pursue the best outcome for our clients.

We like to view our approach to achieving excellence for our clients as taking an entrepreneurial and personal interest in their goals and outcomes.
We care about our clients and the relationships we build with them.